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Your customers are on Facebook. We bring them directly to you.

Facebook advertising is a new and evolving discipline that requires expertise to get a high ROI.

Our years of expertise on Facebook is built upon years of experience with Internet Marketing.

There are over a billion people on Facebook and it’s growing every day.  Just about every adult that has a computer in the US (and other Western countries) is on Facebook. People use Facebook for talking about their passions and interests. Facebook allows you to tap into a highly targeted, highly motivated audience to promote your products and services. However, it’s incredibly difficult to get a return on your investment unless you have years of experience and know what you’re doing on Facebook. Many companies have sworn off advertising on Facebook but that’s because they don’t know what they’re doing. We have developed ground breaking techniques to tap into the power of Facebook’s ad system to get you maximum exposure and sales for your products and services.

Organic reach is harder than ever, but the Facebook ads system is getting better all the time. We stay on top of the trends and bring you results.  
about_image This is what we do for you. We use custom made tools and years of Facebook marketing experience to bring your target customers to you as inexpensively as possible. These new strategies are constantly being developed, tested and refined.  The result is that your ROI is much higher with us than if you use the built in Facebook advertising system.

We work on the basis of a monthly retainer paid at the beginning of each month. We need a commitment of at least 3 months to start. We are happy to talk to you about your needs and goals. Contact us and we will set up a call to see how we can best help you achieve your goals.


We specialize in taking your business to the next level on Facebook.

We are here to help you. Using Facebook to leverage your business can be costly and confusing if you don't know what you're doing. That's where we come in. There's no one who can help you grow your business on Facebook like us.
    Facebook has over 1 Billion highly active users that want to use and purchase YOUR products and services. We bring them to you.

    BUILDING YOUR BRAND Build your brand on Facebook with highly targeted and motivated buyers.

    We can lower the cost your current ads using ground breaking techniques for getting the most of your advertising budget.

    Having problems on Facebook? Not feeling the Facebook love? Can't figure it out? We can help you.


Barak Interviewing The World’s Top Facebook Experts

Barak has interviewed some of the top Facebook marketers in the world.

Barak wanted to know how do you leverage Facebook for business and for making money. The top experts in the world agreed to show him how. You can see the interviews for free by going to http://fbbreakthrough.com/.


Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Our latest video. Take a look.

Are you making these mistakes in your Facebook marketing?

In this episode of the Make Money Online Show I talk about common Facebook marketing mistakes and what you should be doing in your Facebook marketing. I also look at a niche page that is making thousands of dollars a month on Facebook and explain how they’re making money.
So many people think they know how to market on Facebook but the truth is they don't. It's not their fault, everyone tells you how to market on Facebook, but they themselves don't know how. Watch this video and you'll be one step ahead of your competition.

      Get ahead of your competition on Facebook.


Our latest blog entry

How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement and Make Money From It

Facebook is great. There are over a billion people active and spending around an hour a day on Facebook. I’ve talked about investing in building likes to a page. This is a prediction: I think Facebook will eventually become more important to most businesses than Google. I’m sure that will require a future blog post, but for now that’s all I’ll say.

Facebook marketing is a process that most people don’t understand. It’s actually getting more and more complicated, which is why people are hiring me to do it for them. Here it is in brief:

Create a page => Pay for advertising to add likes to the page => Keep engagement high => Promote products and gather leads

Read more here.

The higher your engagement, the further your reach on Facebook.


Meet Our Awesome Team.

You need to grow your business fast.

We take the time get to know your business so you can get the most out of the Facebook ads system. Read a little bit more about our team here.


As one of the world's top experts in Facebook marketing, Barak’s mastery of Facebook marketing builds on almost 20 years of experience in Internet marketing, SEO and YouTube Marketing.  Barak is the author of  "2 Cent ($0.02) LIKES, Not Clicks" where  he  demonstrates how to build HUGE Facebook fan pages  - at almost no cost.  He also hosted and organized an online conference on Facebook marketing with some of the world's top experts in Facebook marketing at http://fbbreakthrough.com.   Besides consulting, Barak runs several of his own Facebook enterprises. He comes from an Academic and Computer Science background so he absorbs and innovates the technical side of marketing with ease. He also has a blog and podcast about Facebook Marketing at http://themakemoneyonlineshow.com.


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